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  • Strahd of Various

    This journey
    Without time
    Always the beginning
    Yet perpetual end
    Found we'd never left
    This time, a battle un-won
    In the center of it again
    This time, death is at our command
    Returned to our former glory
    The never-ending story
  • Chapter 2: Carnivore Cruise

    “I wouldn’t hurt a hair on Cher’s head. She was my best friend.”

    “I think the beast got her as best I can tell. Cher was pretty protective. And well I guess the beast can be protective too. “

    “Cher didn’t stand much chance. Figured I’d give her a proper burial. It’s the least I could do.”

    “You guys from around here?”
  • Crows Trained to Pick Up Trash

    primate wrote: »
    Good idea, but who picks up the crow shit?

    trained rats?
  • Where wolves? Werewolves!


    sounds more like a werewolf, but still could just be a big wolf.

    vlady isn't a stable genius quite yet.
  • Strahd of Various

    Speaking to the rest of the group, in a hushed tone Prihani says, "Hey you, everyone, come on with us. Let's stick together"
    You spend hours smearing cream on your face
    What you need is to be hit with a mace
    Tied to a horse and get dragged through the streets
    Hung by the heels and pelted with belts
    But still you are smearing cream on your face
    What you need is to be reduced to paste
    Wander the countryside blind in one eye
    Sucking the dicks of dead dogs to survive

  • Strahd of Various

    After the carnage steam rises through snow
    You have been consigned to the Abyss of Woe
    My eldritch war-suit is pasted with brains
    This empty feeling - all that remains
  • Strahd of Various

    The trail of our campaign attracted great scorn
    But we ventured onward through the Tundra of Tor
    Soon I had attracted a posse of trolls
    Who'd grown fat and sloppy from the roasting of souls...
  • Strahd of Various

    Welcome adventurers!

    I am your humble Dungeon Master, Sock. We are playing the Curse of Strahd adventure. A few notes before we begin.

    -Standard Dungeons and dragons 5e rules will be used. What the dungeon master says, goes.

    -This thread will be an ongoing mix of actions, role-playing, and story updates.

    -Character conversations will be held on the discord server.

    - Dice rolling will be handled in the discord server

    - if you have any questions, pm me on discord.

    Tl;dr - have fun, don't die

    Rhett Connor
  • FFA SUMMER OLYMPICS 2018 - Game 2

    Vlady and tier throw paper

    Todd throws scissors!!! The crowd goes wild!

    Todd has just won..... his very own..... DESK SIZED CHINESE GONG. Congratulations Todd your skills have not gone unnoticed.

  • ***Official 2018 FFA Dynasty League Thread***

    5pm cool draft time, bros