QOTD 11: How do you take your coffee?



  • MalionMalion RabbleRouser,
    No option for:
    - Orally
    - Rectally

    You don't take it intravenously?
  • RobbnvaRobbnva RabbleRouser
    Coffee enemas are awesome I’ve heard
    Cat, que te folle un pez
  • ahodaahoda Offishal
    Don't ruin a perfectly good enema with caffeine.
  • MittensMittens RabbleRouser,
    I like black or a splash of cream depending on how aggressive the roast is.
  • cream and sugar cuz i dont hate myself
  • CatullusCatullus RabbleRouser
    manny get a real avatar
    I agree with Cat 100%.
  • ugh u sound like my wife
  • ahodaahoda Offishal
    Cat is the FFA wife
  • CatullusCatullus RabbleRouser
    edited April 2018
    ugh u sound like my wife

    you don't have a wife.

    and here's your new avatar brobro

    I agree with Cat 100%.
  • toddterps62toddterps62 RabbleRouser,
    It looks just as I thought Manny would look.
    Look what you fuckers made me do
  • DSDS RabbleRouser
    No manny go with tentacle porn for your avvy that suits you more

    Ah, you’ve been listening to cactus.
  • MalionMalion RabbleRouser,
    You can do both

  • CatullusCatullus RabbleRouser
    i'm not worried. manny has a weakness for duterte memes and real recognizes real.
    I agree with Cat 100%.
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