Chapter 2: Carnivore Cruise



  • JohnnyDollarJohnnyDollar RabbleRouser
    Just then, a flurry of action happens around Paco’s body and the pack of dogs surrounding it.

    Bing Bong literally comes out of nowhere slashing and waving his rapier. While he doesn’t hit any dogs, he does back them up enough so that he can kneel and lay a hand on Paco. His chest glows while Bing Bong keeps his rapier extended to keep the dogs at bay.

    The glowing stops. Paco doesn’t move. The dogs sense the vulnerability and start to close in. Paco starts waving his rapier wildly. A cough. Another. And then Paco is on his feet. Bloodied. But looking much better. The dogs pause in astonishment.
  • JohnnyDollarJohnnyDollar RabbleRouser
    But just as quickly as they stopped, They begin to close in. As the circle tightens, Prancy jumps up from underneath the dead dog he lied under and puts his finger to his lips. A strange sound fills everyone’s ears. A ringing.

    And silently all 5 dogs and Paco fall to the ground. Asleep. Bing Bong stands confused. In the center of it all.

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