Chapter 2: Carnivore Cruise



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    Paco raises his hands to the beast but he’s shaking. He then turns to Horace and let’s loose a ball of fire hitting him in the chest. It doesn’t knock him down, but it’s enough to break his bond with the beast.

    Horace takes two damage. The beast is no longer at a disadvantage.
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    Horace looks at Paco and immediately senses something is wrong.

    He turns to the beast knowing this may be his last chance. He still feels a mental connection to the beast. He concentrates and uses this connection to once again send a burst of colored light towards the beast.

    It hits it full force. The beast falls to its knees. It tries crawling backwards back into the hole in the wall it came out of. Whining. But as it gets about halfway through. It starts to sputter. Shake. And then stops.

    You all breathe a sigh of relief. It’s over. As you walk closer to inspect the beast, you notice Horace squinting.

    Horace still has a light connection with the beast even though it is gone. Horace sees flashes of memories from the beast as they escape into the universe.

    He sees through the beasts eyes as it peers through the woods. The old man. The shack.

    “CHER‽ CHER!” He calls.

    Then another flash. The beast is walking down the road as it had done many times before. Only this time you see Cher attack at the hind legs of the beast. The beast retaliates and makes short work of Cher.

    Then a flash. You see Arrived blasting a machine into the ground. You see the beast hunting down and attack Arrived. And eating them.

    A flash. You see the Monstars hiding off in the trees. The beast notices them but does nothing. They leave and the beast returns inside it’s lair.

    And you are back Horace. And with all that, it comes to you. You get sick to your stomach.

    That explains it all. You realize at once the beast never attacked you. You attacked it first. And even its swipe in defense towards you didn’t even come close. And the Beast didn’t attack Cher. It attacked the Beast. Or rather to the rear of the beast. Something behind it.

    And that’s when you see it. A small beastlike creature crawling on top of the dead beast. Sniffing it and whining. About 6 pounds.

    And as you see that, another realization comes to you. This beast wasn’t large enough to make the path that you saw through the woods. There would need to be a beast 4x as big.

    A male.

    And that’s when you hear it. Snapping. And...yelling?

    About 100 yards away down the clearing you see them. Arrived. Running not at you. But from the woods and across the clearing. Running perpendicular to you. And away from something. The snapping. Of trees.

    Roll for perception.
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    So the little six-pounder is a cub and we just killed its mom? Looks like we proved the Monstars right again. We do fuck everything up.

    We were told that the beast was an "Arrived Monster" that killed some of Rico's men. I'm not going to feel overly bad about performing our mission, even if there are now two more beasts and they seem to be the alien's enemies instead of the alien's pets.

    I mean, we still don't know where they came from. And they ain't natural. For all we know, the aliens were developing these beasts and just lost control of them. Which, of course, means we just killed a puppy who dared to turn on its abusive master. I'm not feeling too proud yet of anything except of how we handled ourselves in combat.
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    The Arrived continue running into the trees as the giant sound of a roar fills the air. The trees topple at the edge of the field and you see the source.

    It looks much like the beast you killed but 5x the size. Thinner and with a crest that runs along its back. Chasing the Arrived.

    As it hits the middle of the field, you can tell it will catch the Arrived very soon at that speed.

    But a small high pitched roar stops it dead in its tracks. You all turn to see the small beast standing on top of its mother’s body. It has realized that it’s mother isn’t asleep. It’s world has been crushed. The only caretaker it’s ever known. Gone. It senses the high probability that it will not survive and cries out again.

    The male beast jerks it’s head in your direction.

    “Boys, quick. This way!”

    It’s the old man. Hiding inside a small bunker entrance covered with branches.

    “Fuck that! Let’s get out of here and back to the beach!” Nelly is almost running already.
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    Whoa Nelly!!


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