Chapter 2: Carnivore Cruise



  • Paco raises his hands to the beast but he’s shaking. He then turns to Horace and let’s loose a ball of fire hitting him in the chest. It doesn’t knock him down, but it’s enough to break his bond with the beast.

    Horace takes two damage. The beast is no longer at a disadvantage.
  • Horace looks at Paco and immediately senses something is wrong.

    He turns to the beast knowing this may be his last chance. He still feels a mental connection to the beast. He concentrates and uses this connection to once again send a burst of colored light towards the beast.

    It hits it full force. The beast falls to its knees. It tries crawling backwards back into the hole in the wall it came out of. Whining. But as it gets about halfway through. It starts to sputter. Shake. And then stops.

    You all breathe a sigh of relief. It’s over. As you walk closer to inspect the beast, you notice Horace squinting.

    Horace still has a light connection with the beast even though it is gone. Horace sees flashes of memories from the beast as they escape into the universe.

    He sees through the beasts eyes as it peers through the woods. The old man. The shack.

    “CHER‽ CHER!” He calls.

    Then another flash. The beast is walking down the road as it had done many times before. Only this time you see Cher attack at the hind legs of the beast. The beast retaliates and makes short work of Cher.

    Then a flash. You see Arrived blasting a machine into the ground. You see the beast hunting down and attack Arrived. And eating them.

    A flash. You see the Monstars hiding off in the trees. The beast notices them but does nothing. They leave and the beast returns inside it’s lair.

    And you are back Horace. And with all that, it comes to you. You get sick to your stomach.

    That explains it all. You realize at once the beast never attacked you. You attacked it first. And even its swipe in defense towards you didn’t even come close. And the Beast didn’t attack Cher. It attacked the Beast. Or rather to the rear of the beast. Something behind it.

    And that’s when you see it. A small beastlike creature crawling on top of the dead beast. Sniffing it and whining. About 6 pounds.

    And as you see that, another realization comes to you. This beast wasn’t large enough to make the path that you saw through the woods. There would need to be a beast 4x as big.

    A male.

    And that’s when you hear it. Snapping. And...yelling?

    About 100 yards away down the clearing you see them. Arrived. Running not at you. But from the woods and across the clearing. Running perpendicular to you. And away from something. The snapping. Of trees.

    Roll for perception.
  • HoraceHorace BabyGroot
    edited February 2019

    So the little six-pounder is a cub and we just killed its mom? Looks like we proved the Monstars right again. We do fuck everything up.

    We were told that the beast was an "Arrived Monster" that killed some of Rico's men. I'm not going to feel overly bad about performing our mission, even if there are now two more beasts and they seem to be the alien's enemies instead of the alien's pets.

    I mean, we still don't know where they came from. And they ain't natural. For all we know, the aliens were developing these beasts and just lost control of them. Which, of course, means we just killed a puppy who dared to turn on its abusive master. I'm not feeling too proud yet of anything except of how we handled ourselves in combat.
  • JohnnyDollarJohnnyDollar RabbleRouser
    The Arrived continue running into the trees as the giant sound of a roar fills the air. The trees topple at the edge of the field and you see the source.

    It looks much like the beast you killed but 5x the size. Thinner and with a crest that runs along its back. Chasing the Arrived.

    As it hits the middle of the field, you can tell it will catch the Arrived very soon at that speed.

    But a small high pitched roar stops it dead in its tracks. You all turn to see the small beast standing on top of its mother’s body. It has realized that it’s mother isn’t asleep. It’s world has been crushed. The only caretaker it’s ever known. Gone. It senses the high probability that it will not survive and cries out again.

    The male beast jerks it’s head in your direction.

    “Boys, quick. This way!”

    It’s the old man. Hiding inside a small bunker entrance covered with branches.

    “Fuck that! Let’s get out of here and back to the beach!” Nelly is almost running already.
  • HoraceHorace BabyGroot

    Whoa Nelly!!

  • JohnnyDollarJohnnyDollar RabbleRouser
    You all look at each other and know the decision. You sprint for the bunker. You can’t outrun this beast all the way to the beach.

    As you reach the bunker the old man lifts the branches up and you hit the ground and slide underneath them into a large underground bunker.

    As you lie on the floor you hear the old man shouting.


    You stand up and see Nelly as he turns around. He sees the old man holding up the branches. He sees all of your faces behind the old man. And you see his eyes change. Absolute terror fills his eyes. He thought you were behind him. He begins to run towards the bunker. Tears fill his eyes.

    It’s at this moment you recall one of your earliest memories with Nelly. A moment almost just like this. He was alone. Running. His friends had abandoned him as you arose from the grave. But this time, you aren’t running with him. This time he’s truly by himself.

    But he’s got plenty of time. He will beat the beast chasing him easily. But his fear is real. The beast is fast, but far away. But to Nelly it’s right behind him.

    Just then something hits him in the leg. And he falls. He looks up at you terrified. He gets up, but as he starts to run he’s pulled down yet again. He looks back and sees the baby beast has his foot in his mouth and is pulling him. He fights and kicks. But the little guy has strong jaws. And he’s not letting go. And dad is closing in.

    The ground is shaking. Trees are falling. The old man sensing the end is near closes the hatch just as the beast nears. The ceiling of the bunker starts to fall from the weight.


    You are forced deeper into the bunker tunnel as a cave-in happens behind you. You are blinded by dust.

    As it clears, you hear the coughs of everyone. The old man dusts himself off. He looks you in the eyes.


    You can tell he means it. He points to two tunnels.

    “The one on the left will take you back to your settlement. I use it when I need supplies I can’t get here. The other I think goes to the Monstars HQ. I think that’s how they’ve been getting here lately. I’ve only been down it a little though. All I know is I didn’t dig it.”

    He points to a third tunnel.

    “I’m going back home. Enough adventure for me today. I buried my dog. And you buried a friend. Feel free to stop by should you need anything. You boys be safe.”

    He disappears down the tunnel into the darkness. Saddened. Leaving you to choose how your adventure continues.
  • JohnnyDollarJohnnyDollar RabbleRouser
    You decide the Monstars is the way to go. You head down the path the old man mentioned and descend into darkness. After about an hour you get worried that this might not be the right way. You haven’t seen or heard anything. But just before you give up hope. You hear whispers.

    You creep up slowly to get a better listen.

    Voice 1: Yeah, she did!

    Voice 2: Haha

    Voice 1: Did they finish the upgrades yesterday?

    Voice 2: Yeah, I think so. All the Arrived tech is under super heavy security now. I think they derived some of it from Arrived technology.

    Voice 1: Good stuff. We are going to need it. These All-Stars seem to be getting stronger. Did you hear they nuked a city?

    Voice 2: I heard that but it’s probably just bullshit rumors.

    Voice 1: True. Plus, didn’t they double the man power for the Arrive tech Vault?

    Voice 2: Yeah I applied but didn’t get the assignment. Shit sucks.

    You hear paper rustling.

    Voice 2: Here’s the new specs for it if you’re interested.

    Voice 1: You heading that way now?

    Voice 2: Nah, heading towards the exit. Talked to Cap and she said she ran into a few AllStars while she was out. Just want to make sure the idiots haven’t snuck through old mans tunnels.

    You hear footsteps coming your way.
  • HoraceHorace BabyGroot

    Don't worry, guys. When he comes around the corner, I'll break out the charm!

  • JohnnyDollarJohnnyDollar RabbleRouser
    Horace steps forward to charm the man, but the man is wearing a metal helmet and Horace can’t break through to his mind.

    Prancy kneeling in the dark, puts a finger to his lips.


    The man falls on his face asleep.

    Voice 1 hears the thud.

    “Charlie, you okay? What was that?”

    You can hear him walking your way.
  • HoraceHorace BabyGroot

    Don't worry, guys. When he comes around the corner, I'll break out the sleeping powder!

  • JohnnyDollarJohnnyDollar RabbleRouser
    Paco, seeing Prancy’s success, puts his finger to his lips and “Ssshhh.”

    The second man falls flat on his face asleep.
  • HoraceHorace BabyGroot

    I can't cast for shit! Fuck this.

    Horace whips out his rope and swiftly hogties Charlie and the other voice.
  • MittensMittens RabbleRouser,
    Paco helps Horace tie up both guards.
  • I’ll search the guards.
    prancier than thou.
  • HoraceHorace BabyGroot
    Horace follows Gosling the mole around the corner.
  • JohnnyDollarJohnnyDollar RabbleRouser
    With the men hogtied you venture around the corner. You see an albino mole on a desk in what seems to be a guard station. He is jumping down on the desk with papers on it.
  • MittensMittens RabbleRouser,
    Paco signals to the others that they need to drag the guys back towards the entrance of the tunnel to interrogate the guards.
  • HoraceHorace BabyGroot
    The mole indicates another piece of paper, so Horace inspects it.
  • JohnnyDollarJohnnyDollar RabbleRouser
    As you pick up the paper, it reads:

    4 guards in Workshop. Armed.
    2 guards patrolling in hallway/hall with dogs.
    Dogs kept in great room

    Please use correct code.Near the bottom you see:

    Please keep dogs near exits in Great Room as they have not been fully updated.

    Exit in bedroom has been fully upgraded. No extra security needed.
  • HoraceHorace BabyGroot

    Okay, let's get these guards out of the tunnel before they wake up. Someone give me a hand here.

    Horace grabs Charlie by the feet and drags him towards the tunnel entrance.
  • MittensMittens RabbleRouser,
    Paco grabs the other guard and drags him towards the tunnel entrance also, keeping a bit of a distance between him and Horace.
  • **Runs over and helps Paco with a little flourish and a twirl**
    prancier than thou.
  • SockSock RabbleRouser
    *Runs over to help horace*
  • JohnnyDollarJohnnyDollar RabbleRouser
    You all leave the albino mole to his own devices and drag the men back to the entrance of this particular tunnel. They both start to come to consciousness.
  • MittensMittens RabbleRouser,
    "Ok guys, here's how this is going to go. We are going to ask you some questions, no talking to each other, or else we'll stop acting nice. Got it?"
  • Charlie’s eyes widen and he opens his mouth to scream. Just then the other guard puts his hand over Charlie’s mouth.

    “We ain’t saying nothing mister. Promise. Ain’t that right Charlie?”

    Charlie nods his head and the second guard removes his hand.

    “Look guys. I don’t know what you’re planning but you don’t want to go doing nothing foolish. This place is locked up tight. Just got the new upgrades. Afraid you boys are about a month late. Besides you don’t much look like Arrived. We’re trying to use their own weapons against them. You don’t want to help the Arrived right?”
  • HoraceHorace BabyGroot

    "What's your name, non-Charlie. And do you have any ideas for how we can fight the Arrived that don't involve us just walking way."

  • “Name’s Bret.”

    He slowly removes his hand from Charlie’s mouth.

    “Look we are working on some stuff that we think can turn the tide here. Just let the researchers do their part okay? No need for anyone to get hurt.”

  • HoraceHorace BabyGroot
    “Name’s Bret.”

    He slowly removes his hand from Charlie’s mouth.

    “Look we are working on some stuff that we think can turn the tide here. Just let the researchers do their part okay? No need for anyone to get hurt.”

    "Well, at least you answered the first question. Shame that you don't want to work together. I guess we'll just decide on our own."
  • “Look man. We just run security. You wanna fight Arrived go ahead. Be my guest. Just leave us be.”

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