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A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

STAR WARS: Episode middle of IV
Day I

An average day on the Death Star. Everything was operational. All the storm troopers had a spring in their step and Alderaan was just destroyed! A pretty great day all around all things considered. The princess was locked up and Darth Vader himself was on board. Nothing could go wrong.

That's when trouble erupted.

"Malion!" A stormtrooper yelled to his fallen companion, blood pouring out of his blaster wound.

"Who could have done this?" Another storm trooper asked.

"Maybe one of those guys from that ship that just docked in the docking bay?" another trooper asked.

"The what?!" Someone yelled as blaster fire began to go off.

Suddenly some number of people also dressed as storm troopers began to open fire and there was a shoot out.

But as soon as shots were exchanged suddenly the lights went out.

When the lights came on everyone was mixed together and nobody had any idea who the rebels were.

"I want the Rebels dead!" Yelled Darth Vader who had Admiral Tarkin in tow.

"We will all dress in Storm Trooper garb in order to further confuse the Rebels!" Vader added putting a white suit over his black suit.

"Won't that just make everything more confusi-" asked a storm trooper who suddenly found himself dead on a ground.

"Any more questions?" Vader asked . Everyone simply saluted and went on their way.

"I want someone dead in 24 hours and it better be one of the Rebels!" Vader added.

The rest of the troopers nodded and went on their way. With at least one of them walking in an unnatural way. hmm

You have 24 hours to lynch someone. Use the hashtag #lynch to do that lynch and use that @ to call them out! And use hashtag #unlynch to puss out on a lynch
With 15 alive it takes 8 to lynch
Plurality is in effect

1. darkusblack
2. tier
3. primate
4. robbnva
5. Johnnydollar
6. DS
7. thisisbad
8. Cactus
9. Butternuts
10. Harrison
11. Ahoda
12. Vlady
13. Fuzzyshit
14. Thenavneet
15. sock



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