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just the day's events and assorted thoughts.

Ben Rice
Nelly Nunchucks

The Arrived

La Quinta



  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
    at a festival.
    knock at the door, it's a roadie. apparently this bard is about to perform.
    roadie says someone is here about a business venture
    i let him in.

    something's weird. he moves strangely, like his proportions are off. tall.
    suddenly his eyes get huge and his mouth gets huge and he lets out a scream and the door slams without him touching it.
    he makes an up-down motion with his fist and a spear thing extends out of his fist and he attacks!

    he charges, then jumps on the ceiling?
    then drops behind me and stabs me through the back
    the spear is through my chest
    i'm dead.

  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
    it's dark and cold.
    i'm trapped in a box.
    no wait, it's a coffin.
    it's not easy, but i dig myself free.
    there's some kid there holding a mangled arm chanting something.
    okay his name is nelly nunchucks and he looks like he's in the strokes
    i check my inventory and it includes a guitar pick with an odd symbol on it? <--- IS THIS A CLUE

    and then there's a mittens
    and a sock
    am i in a laundry hamper
    no wait there's a darren calling himself homer
    mittens is calling himself chap
    homer says he was putting on a concert until some giant killed the groupie he was about to bang
    and then the giant slit his throat

    nelly seems weirded out
    wanted to know if he controls us
    now is surprised we can talk
    drops the arm, says he didn't know what he was doing
    says we can look at our headstones
    it says our name and 2017 <-- LOLOL

    and then we made character accounts
  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
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    -- found reacher arm and somehow used it to reggsurrect us
    -- took us to uncle ben, then took us to michael (all-star militia)
    -- youngest in family (until both older brothers killed by landers),
    -- dad died of natural causes shortly thereafter, mom still alive
    -- went on test mission with us to radio tower, helped us chase the bomb

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  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
    evidently tier was playing but never showed up
    and then primate showed up and called himself "Bo Nanza"
    socr was missing and then he wasn't
    "I'm Ondee Awtherham, Monk of the Tiger kapow pewpew order."
    sock the monk = sock monkey?

    nelly was nervous, mouth agape
    then we hear an angry mob, led by two dudes we scared away when we came out of the ground
    nelly takes off for the woods and tells us to follow
    we leave the mob in the dust, arrive at a clearing and learn our SPEED

    now we're at a hill
    below is a cottage
    now we're at the cottage
    knock knock
    who's there it's a old man
    nelly has a convo
    okay this is worth quoting:
    "Well, I found a Reacher. He was in some sort of accident with his craft I think. He was dead when I found him. I saw his arm lying there. And it had that wave of energy look over it So I picked it up."

    "You stupid boy, what have you done?"

    "Well, I'd heard how they can raise the dead to be a slave army for them. And I thought, maybe I could...."

    The old man looks at you. Nervous now.

    "Boy, you better not have bought trouble to my house."

    "But I don't think I did it right, because they aren't like the ones Reachers bring back. These guys are like...normal."

    The old man is curious now.

    "Who are you guys?"

    okay so what is a Reacher?
    apparently they fly
    and one of them crashed and his arm popped off so nelly grabbed it
    and reachers can raise the dead and so when we came out that's what nelly thought we were
    but we're actually normal YAY
  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
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    -- higher ups of the landers
    -- have all sorts of magical abilities, including flight
    -- can raise the dead?

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  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
    okay the old man is ben rice
    which has got to be a reference to uncle ben's rice
    in which case lol
    and he's got a bunch of history for us
    alright, this is also worth quoting
    "Ben, they died in 2017. The year of the beginning."

    "Oh ho ho! You boys have a lot of catching up to do. A lot's changed since you've been gone. In 2017, Earth was attacked. A race from another planet invaded. Aliens I guess. This small town is the last holdout of humanity. Although, maybe not for long."

    "What's going on Ben?"

    "The All-Stars and the Mon-stars are getting a bit more irritable lately."

    Nelly turns to you.

    "The All-Stars and the Mon-stars are two rival factions in town. They both think they have the right way of protecting the town and keeping it safe."

    so we died in the beginning <-- PUN
    aliens invaded, conquered earth except for this small town of ____
    and the all-stars and mon-stars are fighting
    okay so lol at the names and also i'm guessing mon-stars = monsters maybe dunno
    holy crap jwill out of nowhere
    he's a pot-growing druid OF COURSE
    nelly says both groups are just militia so choosing is a coinflip
    jwill says all-stars so off we go

    but wait, uncle ben has a backpack for us so check your pf
    nelly is nervous about joining a militia
    we arrive at a checkpoint, three dudes with all-star patches
    "Take 'em to Michael," one of them says.
    move through the town, arrive at a tavern, go upstairs
    "Michael, these guys want to join up."
    "Is that so? Did you check to see if they are Mon-Star spies?!"
    "I'm not sure how I would even do that," replies the soldier.
    "Fair enough. Let's put them on a test mission.
  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
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    -- leader of the all-star militia?
    -- gave us the test mission to the radio tower
    -- full name: michael jordan (will replace picture later)

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  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
    test mission = "The Arrived" (WHO) are closing in
    radio tower 20mi outside down
    broken, but Spark (WHO) has rigged a solution
    carry it to the radio tower, hook it up, alert other survivors
    (not sure how this helps, but okay)
    darkus out of nowhere
    jwill says yes to the test mission and asks some questions
    michael looks at him strangely (see pic above)
    nelly laughs, says it's a joke
    michael says Lawrence (WHO) will lead us

    okay now we get a wagon
    two in front rest in back
    where will you sit?
    juvenal makes a spot-on rebecca black reference
    jwill up front with nelly
    chatting along and then whoa three barrels
    bandits! two of em

    darkus kicks a barrel but it doesn't count
    jwill kicks a barrel for reals
    lots of people doing things but jdub is on vaca
    now jwill is dildo baggins
    okay jwill kicks the barrel
    some scimitar vs quarterstaff stuff
    darkus disappears so juvenal crits a bandit to death
    chap misses, homer trips and hurts himself
    gingerbardman = "I spin about in a pretty little circle and then prance away to safety!"

    okay wait, something happens here
    dildo tries to heal himself and it works
    and then this happens:
    You think about how much you hurt and how you wish you felt better. And with that thought, a blue streak circles you first slowly and then quicker and quicker raising you up into the air. You feel energy and you feel better. You gain 6 HP as you slowly lower back to earth.

    The bandit looks at you terrified. "R...R....R...REACHER!" He bolts away from you, back from where he came. You look at Nelly and he is astonished and quite scared himself.

    dunno what jwill is doing but apparently he heals by levitating and that's reacher-like
    then juvenal attacks the other bandit but the gods require explicit move instructions so he whiffs the air because of course that's what he was intending
    nelly says "What. The. Fuck. If I hadn't raised you from the dead myself I'd swear you were Reachers. Did you see his face?! He shit himself! Ha ha ha."
  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
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    -- All-Stars <--- militia we joined
    -- Mon-Stars <-- rivals of allstars

    -- corona <-- got blowed up
    -- la quinta <-- resort where beast is
    -- mundo <-- town across salton sea from la quinta

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  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
    nelly is saying stuff
    okay it's background
    landers? WHO
    okay, updating posts...
  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
    nelly's done talking
    at the radio tower
    warehouse at base of tower, covered in vines
    surrounded by fence

    a bang
    from inside

    warehouse is shaped like a T
    okay juvenal is making a map
    here it is

    juvenal asks about reachers and landers
    nelly "Landers are just what we call the invaders. Reachers are what we call the ones who can do magic."
    one sec, editing that in
  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
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    -- aka Invaders
    -- aka The Arrived
    -- Landers who can do magic are called Reachers

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  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
    tier peeks through the doorway
    sees a long hallway lined with fencing?
    behind it some dusty machines, then a railing
    jwill opens the door, notices a key
    days pass
    darren steals the key from jwill and runs outside?
    door is open (different door)
    small balcony, railing, ladder
    okay, i remember this -- 3 men beating a 4th man
    wat do

    juvenal gameplans
    darren = ##jump onto the men
    it does nothing
    roll initiative

    juvenal moves in strategically
    gingerbardman dies or something
    no wait
    "Man, I'm a ginger bard, and I prance prance prance, and I prance prance prance"
    dildo is back to jwill, jwill thorn whips
    nelly is amazed again at all the magic
    darren goes for the nearest dick as per usual
    misses and gets slammed
    smaller bandit runs away?

    juvenal reacts and hits the bandit that slammed darren
    which distracts the bandit to the point that the dude they're beating gets away
    dude says he chasing the smaller one that ran off
    juvy slashes another bandi
    jwill thunderstrikes everyone
    one bandit hits his head and dies
    the other starts talking
    "Guys, I don't know who you are or what you want, but we CANNOT let that guy escape. He's going to kill a lot of people if we don't stop him. Please guys. If you guys are trying to rob me, I don't have much, so please just let me stop that man."

    oh ha, juvy and darren died
    nelly is scared of jwill
    jwill heals everyone, including the bandit

  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
    bandit says some stuff
    there are more survivors, actually a town full
    invites us to live there, it's called CORONA
    bandits aren't bandits they're scouts
    captain found an actual bandit (dude they were beating)
    dude had a bomb from the aliens and was going to blow up one of their outposts
    but the location he was heading for wasn't near an outpost and really close to the town
    fight happened
    then we happened
    now the dude is escaping with the bomb
    nelly says he can fix the radio while we chase the bomb
    so we're off

    okay we found them, but the captain is on his knees and the actual bandit has an xbow aimed at him
    darren goes leeroy yet again
    and fails again
    actual bandit kills captain who falls into the pit
    darren also falls into the pit but grabs the ledge
    holding captain with his other hand
    actual bandit aims at darren
    darren drops the captain
    captain most likely ded

    loud boom
    nelly has it working
    oh, turning the station on
    nelly points
    actual bandit is getting away
    in his wagon
    so wagon #2 folks
  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
    jwill thunderstrikes but actual bandit is out of range
    and then wagon #1 appears?
    jump down, tokyo drif
    it's juvenal saving the day because his actions kept getting skipped
    choose a pace? grueling

    everyone jumps aboard
    actual bandit spotted
    big not-a-bandit is crying?
    nelly spots actual bandit
    we're within 10ft going at the same pace
    roll for initiative!
    tier out of nowhere

    jwill misses with the twhip
    homer goes for the flute stab but instead takes the blanket off the bomb and falls in the road
    actual bandit fires at juvy but misses
    nelly sees the town
    juvy gets creative and makes an illusion of snakes to spook the horses

    actual bandit's cart is out of control, fishtailing all over
    runs into a dude trying to load a fridge into a cart
    big crash
    people from the town are coming out
    actual bandit stands up
    fuckin pallando out of nowhere
    actual bandit shoots darren
    juvy attacks actual bandit with rapier but it's a crossbow?
    juvy misses, actual bandit doesn't
    nelly hits, juvy hits, jwill twaves
    everything goes flying

    actual bandit has detonator
    and an arrow in his chest
    it's the captain, darren didn't actually kill him (yet)
    bandit hits button
    bomb is gonna go off in 10... 9...
    nelly says to get in the fridges
    juvy shoves everyone in fridges
    jwill describes a fridge
    big not-a-bandit is still crying?
    what happened to 5
    loud boom
    refrigerator ride
    ash statues of people and horses
    nelly says it's a long walk back
    also he's not naive anymore
  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
    Juvenal wrote: »
    juvenal gameplans
    darren = ##jump onto the men

  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
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    so at various times we had:
    and even primate?
  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
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    -- in the cottage down the hill
    -- answered the door for nelly
    -- told nelly to take us to one of the militia
    -- gave us backpacks
    -- ben rice + uncle ben = uncle ben rice

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  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
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    -- part of the all-stars militia
    -- took us to our wagon after michael gave us the test mission
    -- took us to our carriage for the beast mission, gave us steamboat tickets

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  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
    so we walk back to town
    feet covered in the ash that used to be people of a town we don't even know the name of
    except one of the not-a-bandits told us it was called corona
    "It's called Corona."
    seems like it's the town we're walking towards that we don't know the name of
    hold on i'll check
    okay confused
    ben's house is a cottage and a house and a cabin and it's in the town
    mon-stars are uptown, all-stars are downtown
    "this small town" but no name
    yeah we don't know the name

    okay so anyway we get close and there's people walking into it
    all-stars have a checkpoint to screen people
    okay there's spark, i'll make a post for him
    spark ushers us through, town is super busy
    into all-stars HQ, there's michael
    he's pumped, explains that fixing the radio brought in more people
    and those people brough materials and skills and etc

    uh oh he heard about corona
    oh well
    but he gives us 15gp each
    and an all-stars jacket
    okay we passed the test mission and unlocked the canteen
    also upgraded town defenses
    also level up!
  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
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    -- rigged the solution to fix the radio tower
    -- ushered us through the gates when we came back

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  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
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    okay let's check what we've learned against the official backstory:
    Your life ended before it began at a large gathering. But as quickly as it ended, it began again. You were raised from the dead by a young boy named Nelly. He used the arm of a dead alien to do so. Aliens have taken over Earth. He introduced you to Uncle Ben who geared you up and sent you on your way to town. You join the All-Stars led by Michael Jordan. Your first mission is to repair an old radio tower so the town can send out signals to any survivors.

    Along the way, you come upon some men beating another man. You intervene and save the man. But you learn the man you killed was The Captain, and the man you saved is attempting to set off a bomb near an alien outpost. But it's also near another town. Corona. A cart chase commences.

    You defeat the bandit, but he gets close enough to the town and outpost and detonates the bomb. You protect yourselves by getting into an old refrigerator, but everyone else dies. The entire town. Gone.

    okay so nelly did use the arm to reggsurrect us. that wasn't just a coincidence, that's actually how we woke up and were able to crawl out. a little confused how the ground was loose if it's been years, but maybe it hasn't.

    lolol so it is "uncle ben" how about that lol
    before it was just "ben rice" this is the first that it's also "uncle ben"
    so uncle ben rice, got it

    and omg of course michael's last name is jordan lmao
    micheal jordan, leader of the all-stars

    okay so we did kill the captain but then he reggsurrected as well?
    because he was the one who killed the actual bandit bomber dude
    and yeah, the town's name was corona, so it's this other town we don't know the name of
    and there was an outpost, even if the not-a-bandits didn't know it

    okay, editing some stuff lol this game is great
  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
    so carnival cruise
    now we're level 2
    weeks pass, town is booming
    michael wants us again

    bad news = the arrived are "developing" a new creature
    general rico just lost six men
    we need to go to mundo (new township)
    they've built a steamboat to take us across the salton sea to la quinta
    beastcreature is in an old resort there
    michael doesn't trust the new towns
    so new identities

    homer ---> virgil
    chap ---> paco
    juvenal ---> horace

    okay lawrence again, gets us sorted
    carraige to mundo, bit of a trek
    then steamboat, here are the tickets
    envelope for man at gate
    boat ride is short, then short hoot to la quinta
    that's where rico saw the beastcreature
    arrive at the buggycarriage
    crawl in back, lawrence says go
    off to mundo
  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot

    -- general in the all-stars militia
    -- ran into the creaturebeast near an old resort in la quinta, lost six men

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  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot

    not sure how helpful that is, who knows how many years have passed and a lot of the topography may have changed (i.e. salton sea got bigger somehow?)

    also note how close we were to coachella, so maybe that was the festival we were all barding at before we originally died.
  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
    p.s. part of the reason for the sloppy rambling is so you can CTRL+F it and easily find where people/places/things were mentioned

    also you get the context, which you can use to find the actual post in the appropriate game thread. i ain't gonna properly cite everything.
  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
    divine clarification folks:

    aka darren did kill the captain
  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
    okay so confirmation that we did die during the invasion itself 2017 :vagina:
    or at least it's "pretty likely"
    wagon stops
    cowboy steamboat captain
    oh lol petey barnum = p.t. barnum

    big note folks: no tech in this world really
    dis steamboat is the biggest thing
    li'l petunia, daughter, age 6
    mickey mouse pendant
    omg it's a POSH false etymology reference
    jdub's references are out of control

    okay on deck now
    half dozen peep = 2 mens + family of 4
    wait and also young men in their 20s?
    so more than six
    "about a half dozen"
    more peeps at the bar = husband+wife
    uniformed dude at captain's chair

    downstairs to second level
    dude at bottom with ice
    grand dining room
    downstairs again
    sleeper car level
    room = number 4
    put our suff or nap or sleep but no playing?
    um what does that mean
    she gone

    okay so we're at our room
    horace calls top bunk
  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
    wait hold up whotf is perry
    ctrl+f has nothing
    okay roll call
    characters emerging include:
    -- captain petey
    -- daughter petunia
    -- bartender
    -- random dad
    -- stairdudes
    -- perryfella

    i'll index some posts later
    note to self: petey BARnum is not the BARtender

    so we're off
    there's ice cream downstairs
    this feels like a murder mystery dinner party
    petunia gon' die i just know it
    virgil is just gonna get wasted and blab the whole thing
    but at least he won't get scurvy
  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
    Juvenal wrote: »
    petunia gon' die i just know it


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