Juvenal's Journal



  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot
    was gonna go back down to check on paco
    fight breaks out
    husband attacks young dude
    "what did you do to my wife"
    dude says he doesn't know what husband is talking about
    separate the fools
    husband says he went to get drinks
    saw wife talking to the dude
    got drinks, turned back around
    wife was gone

    paco finally shows up
    petey is turning the ship around?
    virgil talks to bartender
    suddenly a wave
    suddenly a sandal
    okay so wife went overboard
    florpsock goes overboard to check
    with a rope tho
    florpsock sees a trail in the water?
    petey turns to follow

    okay now dad is gone
    another dude says the kid saw her dad go down the rope
    okay now that dude is snatched up in the air
    "Around his neck is a rope and a claw that is attached to a metallic arm that is attached to a flying ship"
    ship is shiny
    shaped like a guitar pick
    you know, because we're bards

    ship leaves
    another ship shows up
    drops a yellow orb
    which falls through the decks
    petey screams for us to check on petunia
    we run downstairs to check

    there's the orb
  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot

    wait is the orb the sphere
    paco punches the sphere
    florp whales on it with an axe
    virgil casts unseen servant (pindar?)
    ginger backflips into it
    horace leaves

    so now virgil is floating
    ginger is now inside the sphere
    florp and paco have their hands stuck in it
    "Without a word or emotion on his face, Ed walks straight into the orb."
    who the fuck is ed?!?
    "Nelly, concerned about Ed, grabs his arm to stop him, but is pulled into the orb as well."
    nelly is here too?

    seriously, who is ed
    one sec
    oh yeah, ed is jwill
    he's still with us?

    florp pokes his head into the sphere
    paco jumps in
    homer+pindar pee on the sphere
    horace is up top, there's pandemonium
    petey is zigzagging
    a silent ship in the distance about to attack
    horace heads back downstairs and the gods sweep him into the sphere
    florp goes into the sphere

    paco see three aisles
    walls are rusted lockers
    door at end of each aisle
    something glowing at the end of the middle aisle

    florp opens door and sees papers
    grabs them and they turn to dust
    everything is covered in dust
    florp finds a twinkie
    the yellow orb is aging everything

    so yeah, there's the basketball orb
    with the small skeleton
    with the necklace
    it's petunia
    fuck you jdub
    paco doesn't get it
    steals the necklace
    yup, that's mickey mouse

    horace backs away
    florp hits the bball wih an axe
    the sphere fades a little
    ginger inspects the orb
    a bunch of gears
    gears in the middle move slower
    " It's almost as if this orb is....affecting time."
    oh fuck me, it was already explained
    i can't read:

    "It dawns on you that is why Petunia died. Not from any force. But because she had been down here for years. She starved to death. On her way to get ice cream. She died. Her flesh rotted. And here lie her bones. For who knows how long. Now that you think of it, how long have you been in here? "

    ginger punches the orb, the sphere dims
    florp readies a swing
    ginger readies another attack
    horace fires two xbows

    and that's where we're at
  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot

    xbow bolts hit the orb
    orb shatters
    everything in slo-mo

    we float towards the sphere
    except gosling
    horace saves him

    outside the sphere(orb?) everything speeds up
    we're flying
    land on the shore
    ship parts everywhere
    petey seems dead
  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot

    petey def dead
    wait, he had a necklace too?
    also a piece of paper
    which horace takes and reads:
    "Land in Mecca. Near red flag."
    okay there's the flag
    so we're in mecca
  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot

    walk into woods
    towards la quinta
    something big bashed up the forest
    under a tree, a body

    horace lifts the tree
    like a total hero
    while paco loots the body
    like a total darren

    rusty piece of machinery
    ffs more necklaces
    it suddenly glows white
    crawls up paco's arm
    goes around his neck
    and stops glowing
    lol paco an alien slave now

    florp sees the body and pukes
    nelly suggests we continue up the road
  • JuvenalJuvenal BabyGroot

    paco gets +2ac from his choker
    nelly leads on
    oh look, a small shack

    old man
    dead dog
    dog's name was cher?!?

    paco hears a noise
    three peeps come out
    nelly says they're monstars

    they call us THE ONES
    three of them
    sam (leader), tony, and cap
    they tell us to leave
    "You’ll fuck everything up. Just like usual.”
    "You’re the ones who wiped an entire settlement off the face of the Earth!"
    well yeah, we did fuck that up

    sam attacks paco!
    paco's slave collar protects him!
    monstars are stunned
    cap says "arrived tech"
    they pull out their weapons

    horace the hero saves the day again
    fires a warning shot
    then gets a blade under sam's chin
    tells them to drop their weapons
    they do

    they back away
    sam's parents lived in that settlement
    “Look, we’ll be on our way. We are already running late. I’m sure we will see each other again.”
    running late?
    late to what?
    also: “As far as what’s going on around here, all we know is that the Arrived don’t come here.”
    they leave

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