• You do this every game. Goodnight sweetheart
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    Malion wrote: »
    DS (3/5): cactus, Darkus, tier
    Tier (3/5): Vlad, ds, bnutz

    refusing to vote for some suspicious reason:
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    Hello I am here.

    What happens if its a tie
  • thenavneetthenavneet RabbleRouser
    Someone help me decide.

    Is DS just second SK.

    Is Tier really Mafia doc? (Why would he protect me as Mafia Doc if I'm Town (which I AM!!!))

    How far fetched is it that Sock was Mafia actress that visited Tier on N1/2

    Someone help!
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    @Butternuts is the one I felt good about yesterday being Town. Are you set on a Tier vote here? You probably think I'm scum with Tier don;t you. BLAH
  • thenavneetthenavneet RabbleRouser
    Blah whatever.

    #lynch @DS

    I'd rather be wrong about the Vig and reduce the number of kills at night then be wrong about the Doc who can save us at night. I know I saw Tier visiting DS last night. And DS can't be Mafia here. Doesn't make sense for Mafia doc to visit 2 Townies (or rather non-Mafias) on 2 nights. If I'm wrong then IM SORRY.
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    DS (4/5): cactus, Darkus, tier, nav
    Tier (3/5): Vlad, ds, bnutz,

  • MalionMalion RabbleRouser,
    The blasters continued with even more fury. With nav getting a lot of fire and then DS and Tier going blow for blow. But at the very end DS ended with more shots and fell to the ground.
    the sound of deep breathing was heard.
    "Impressive" he said, breathing again
    "Most impressive."

    Then he died. And his helmet fell off revealing a black helmet underneath.

    Role: Darth Vader

    Alignment: Empire (Town)

    Win Condition: You win if all non-town are eliminated

    There are rebel scum on this Death Star and you intend to find them at any means neccicary. Every night you may go out and kill another player. Simple as that no questions asked straight up kill em!

    It's night again

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