• Plurality?
  • MalionMalion RabbleRouser,
  • CactusCactus RabbleRouser
    Hammer the lying fucker!

    you mean nav?

    there's no way he could've seen me do anything because that would be impossible. not only does my role have nothing to do with visiting anyone, but i also forgot to submit any action last night.
  • CactusCactus RabbleRouser
    thenavneet wrote: »
    So I know my vote on DS looks bad. But I can make up for it.

    Watched Bnuts last night. He only had one visitor ....

    #lynch @Catullus

    Please believe me despite my shitty vote yesterday I AM town Watcher

    if this is you claiming what tier is claiming you're claiming, then i have no choice but to vote for you.

    #lynch @thenavneet

    but what i would really like is for you to clarify what you're saying here.
  • CactusCactus RabbleRouser
    Malion wrote: »
    Cactus (3/4): nav, Darkus, tier

    since i'll be taking off soon and won't be able to watch this one down, let me say that the above is exactly my sus list, though in a different order. i would say darkus then tier then nav.

    to my fellow townies, prepare for my flip since mafia already knows who i am and they're well ahead of you.
  • CactusCactus RabbleRouser
    gotta run

    i'm the town bus driver

    N1 bussed myself with robb
    N2 bussed myself with bnus
    N3 somehow missed the deadline even though i was online

    good luck town, p sure you just pegged yourselves
  • CactusCactus RabbleRouser
    switching my vote to tier so that maybe i survive 2-3 somehow

    #lynch @Tier
  • MalionMalion RabbleRouser,
    Tier (2/4): Vlad, cactus
    Cactus (3/4): nav, Darkus, tier

    Less and less troopers were shooting but still Tier and Cactus we're getting shot quite a few times. Ultimately Cactus was brought down by shots.
    The helmet is removed to reveal the black helmet of a tie pilot underneath.

    Role: TIE Pilot

    Alignment: Empire (Town)

    Win Condition: You win if all non-town are eliminated

    In the wake of this rebel attack you've been tasked with moving people around in the death star. Surprisingly you can move your ship around the halls pretty well.
    Every night you can swap 2 people. Whatever would target one targets the other and vice versa.
    Bus Driver essentially

    The last few people made their way back to their bunks for another night.
    24 hours y'all but hurry and it might he quicker

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