I bet I die today.


  • BenBen RabbleRouser
    Looks like you and Jamie?!? Should be fun, hell i can’t even kill anyone.
  • BenBen RabbleRouser
    Zach pick Curtis to die imo
  • darkusblackdarkusblack Offishal,
    It's Jme that has to pick. Uh oh.
  • ZacharyZachary BabyGroot
    roughhhhhhhh lmfao

    good luck ben haha
  • BenBen RabbleRouser
    I'll ride this thing out as long as possible, everyone is pretty much clear at this point once you and Jamie are dead. I'm sure I'll be one of the first to go after that just based on claims. The 2 missed kills suck at this point.
  • darkusblackdarkusblack Offishal,
    Do you want to get a kill in tonight though?
  • JmeJme BabyGroot
    kill curtis i have no idea who is even alive or important

    sry I have been totally useless gang
  • darkusblackdarkusblack Offishal,
    Did Ben die in real life?
  • BenBen RabbleRouser
    Nope was gone all weekend. I mentioned it in the game thread too.
  • darkusblackdarkusblack Offishal,
    I extended by 24 hours. Just need confirmation of your kill
  • BenBen RabbleRouser
    Well I need to get rid of Farlig and mittens obviously. Curtis can't do any damage unless I try to kill him on the wrong night I suppose.

    Curtis is being protected by TIB tonight, so don't kill him.
    Mittens mocked Farlig the night before and used it on Farlig last night.
    Farlig used his own protection from the night before on himself.
    So I'm hoping that Mittens is available to be killed this time.
    Merc the bad trackers doesn't hurt us since he can't track me and it'll look like my hider claim is good.

    Timmah or Josh would be decent kills as they look town at this point as well. But neither hurt me, I have to get rid of Farlig and Mittens to have any chance of winning at this point. Jamie or Curtis will be lynched tomorrow, hopefully you can push that onto Curtis, Jamie but who knows.

    Shit if Farlig doesn't protect himself tonight we are screwed it I go after Mittens. It's a coin flip and the way this game has gone, I'll be wrong.

  • BenBen RabbleRouser
    ##kill Mittens

    Farlig has to know we want him out of the game and hopefully he self protects on this night. But he'll prolly guess that's our plan and protect mittens. If he does hats off to you Farlig!
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