ONUW Eleven

MalionMalion RabbleRouser,
Welcome to the first One Night Ultimate Werewolf Oceans 11

here are the rules and roles

The roles in play this game

Villager (x2)
Mystic Wolf

That's there is a doppleganger now maybe woooo.

And here is order they did their night actions

Doppleganger looks at another player's role. Is now a copy of that role. Will wake up with wolves if they look at a wolf. Will immediately do the action of whatever role they copy at this point of the night. (with the exception of insomniac which is at the end of the night)
Werewolves see each other. If there is only one werewolf that one can look at a center card.
Mystic Wolf looks at another player's role card.
Seer either looks at another player's role card or 2 of the 3 center cards
Robber takes the card of another player and looks at it. That is now their role and the person stolen from is now the new robber.
Witch Looks at one of the center cards. The witch then swaps that role card with anyone in the game including herself. The card swapped is put in the same position in the center.
Troublemaker Chooses two players and swaps their cards without looking at either card.
Insomniac Wakes up at the end of the night and looks at their own card and is told if anyone switched it around in the night.

Here are the players

1. Butternuts
2. Sock
3. Tier
4. Ahoda
5. Vlady
6. Darkus
7. Ds
8. Primate

And here are the 3 unused roles face down.


Alright in this game everyone votes. The game doesn't end until the time runs out or everyone votes. If you don't vote before time runs out that is a self-vote.

#lynch to lynch. No need to unlynch.



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