Strahd of Various



  • VladykinsVladykins RabbleRouser,
    Not your ordinary human family here, eh?
  • Wil makes his way to the staircase and descends.
  • VladykinsVladykins RabbleRouser,
    Definitely collecting the books- always good to have some summoning stuff and can see if it is useful later. Who doesn't want to summon a malevolent deity- raise your hand?

  • SockSock RabbleRouser
    You all descend the steps and come to a tunnel that splits in two directions (N or S) as you reach the bottom of the stairs you hear eerie, incessant chant echoing throughout the hall but you are unable to discern the source.
  • SockSock RabbleRouser
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    Darius decides to proceed north along the corridor and head east where he finds two crypts.

    (Label A)The blank stone slab meant to seal this crypt leans against a nearby wall. The crypt is empty.

    (Label B ) The stone slab meant to seal this crypt leans against a nearby wall. Etched into it is the name Walter Durst. The crypt is empty.
  • SockSock RabbleRouser
    Darius then heads south in the corridor and finds 4 more crypts
  • Oderus sees another set of stairs and heads further to the depths of the darkness.
  • SockSock RabbleRouser
    Oderus enters the room where a wooden table and four chairs stand empty and covered with dust

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