Strahd of Various



  • Seeing the beast flee gives Prihani a sense of confidence, but only for a moment, as he takes a few forceful steps to chase after it but stops in his tracks. His legs nearly buckle as he just imagines the beast turning around to confront him. Whimpering and on the edge of tears, he says to the others “I am so scared! So so scared. Please please please do something about this!”
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    "Hey, that's my big friend!" Mah Buhn shouts, swinging his quarterstaff with his tiny form. The staff misses the remaining skeleton, but then bounces off the wall and swings back, hitting the skeleton and scattering his bones everywhere. The gnome almost falls over but in the end keeps his footing.
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    Darius returns to the room to join prihani and Wil
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    As Prihani and Oderus finish dispatching the skeletons, Prihani picks through their bones and finds nothing but tattered rags and old bone. Still the sound of chanting echoes throughout the room.
    Prihani cowers in the corner as Darius peeks down the hall where the slithering beast retreated, but does not see it. Wil follows, greatsword drawn ready to hack at the beast. As he rounds the corner he hears the ground shifting he sees 2 moaning corpse-like forms climbing out of the ground.
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    Oderus circles back the way he came, to one of the crypts. The stone slab at the entry is etched with the name Rosavalda Durst. The chamber beyond contains an empty coffin on a stone platform.
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    Wil advances on the southern ghoul and swings wildly as he misses. Darius releases a blast of energy from his hand and it goes wide of the southern ghoul.
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    The ghouls advance on both Wil and Darius. The southern ghoul scrapes against Wil's armor not able to penetrate, but the eastern ghoul rounds the corner and bites Darius for 4 dmg.
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    Prihani charges past Darius at the ghoul and knocks it to the ground, Wil cleaves the other ghoul's arm off

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