Strahd of Various



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    Mah Buhn listens at the doorway to the uninvestiagated room to the rear.
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    Mah Buhn, listens intently at the door and hears nothing but his companions moving around the 1st floor of the house.
  • Prihani peeks into the unopened door near the bottom of the stairs.
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    You open the door into a room that looks like a hunter’s den. Mounted above the fireplace is a stag’s head, and positioned around the outskirts of the room are three stuffed wolves.

    Two padded chairs draped in animal furs face the hearth, with an oak table between them supporting a cask of wine, two carved wooden goblets, a pipe rack, and a candelabrum. A chandelier hangs above a cloth-covered table surrounded by four chairs.

    Two cabinets stand against the walls. One on the north has a large lock on it and one on the west.

  • “Hey guys, there’s wine in here!”

    Taking a drink of wine before opening the cabinet that isn’t locked.

    Also, pour one out for my stag homie.
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    You open the cabinet and inside you find a small box of playing cards and several wine glasses
  • Grab the cards, whispering “Just in case.” Even though prihani has no clue what they could be useful for except maybe a poorly executed card swap trick.

    Double checking the wolves actually are stuffed he takes another swing of the wine.
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    Taking the cards and looking closer at the wolves and they are indeed stuffed
  • Walk into the northeastern doorway, laughing at Mah Buhn as I walk past while his ear is to the door.
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    Prihani opens the door and finds a kitchen that is tidy, with dishware, cookware, and utensils neatly placed on shelves. A worktable has a cutting board and rolling pin atop it. A stone, dome-shaped oven stands near the north wall, its bent iron stovepipe connecting to a hole in the ceiling. Behind the stove and to the left is a thin door leading to a well-stocked pantry. All the food in the pantry appears fresh.

    Behind a small door in the southeast corner of the kitchen is a dumbwaiter — a 2-foot-wide stone shaft containing a wooden elevator box attached to a simple rope-and-pulley mechanism. Above the dumbwaiter on the wall is a brass bell with wires attached to it.

  • Oderus sniffs the dumbwaiter shaft

    I have come as a feral thing
    Clutching at your bloated underbelly
    Let the agony, of the is-to-be
    Be the shrieks, the warnings of the death screams
  • Prihani takes a closer look at the elevator box to see if it goes up, down, or both. Making sure to not touch it, or the bell, in the process.
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    Prihani sees that it only goes up.
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    Inspecting the dumbwaiter further, Oderus thinks that perhaps a small person could fit in there.
  • Oderus picks up Mah Buhn and tries to stuff him in the dumbwaiter

    We infiltrate
    We wade through hip-deep filth
    And then we come at them
    From below
  • Prihani looksaround the kitchen for any signs of a crawl space or trap door to a cellar.
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    As you look around, you peer under a shelf in the pantry and find 6sp
  • Wil, now convinced the threat is upstairs begins the ascent.
  • Overjoyed by his new found wealth, Prihani follows after Wil with his swords drawn
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    Wil leads the way up the stairs. Unlit oil lamps are mounted on the walls of this elegant hall. Hanging above the mantelpiece is a wood-framed portrait of a family: A father, mother, two smiling children, you recognize the children as those you met in the street. Cradled in the father’s arms is a swaddled baby, which the mother regards with a hint of scorn.

    Standing suits of armor flank wooden doors in the north and south walls. Each suit of armor clutches a spear and has a visored helm shaped like a wolf’s head. The doors are carved with dancing youths.

    The red marble staircase that started on the first floor continues its upward spiral beyond this floor. A cold draft can be felt coming down the steps.

  • Open the doors on the north side of the hall
  • “You boys wanna grab some spears?”

    Wil, motions to the suits of armor as he trods on upwards.
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    Prihani goes to open the northern double doors. Red velvet drapes cover the windows of the room. An exquisite mahogany desk and a matching high-back chair face the entrance and the fireplace, above which hangs a framed picture of a windmill perched atop a rocky crag. Situated in corners of the room are two overstuffed chairs. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves line the east wall. A rolling wooden ladder allows one to more easily reach the high shelves.

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    Wil, feeling the cold air coming from the next floor up proceeds upward climbing the red marble staircase to the top and comes to a dusty balcony a stark contrast to what he had seen of the previous floors which were immaculate. A suit of black plate armor stands against one wall, draped in cobwebs.

    Oil lamps are mounted on the oak-paneled walls, which are carved with woodland scenes of trees, falling leaves, and tiny critters. Looking closer, he notices tiny corpses hanging from the trees and worms bursting up from the ground.

  • Open up the doors on the south side of the hallway
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    Not wasting any time in the library. Prihani goes across the hall into a large room. Gossamer drapes cover the windows of this elegantly appointed hall, which has a brass-plated chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Upholstered chairs line the walls, and stained-glass wall hangings depict beautiful men, women, and children singing and playing instruments.

    A harpsichord with a bench rests in the southwest corner. Near the fireplace is a large standing harp. Alabaster figurines of well-dressed dancers adorn the mantelpiece.

  • "Fancy place! Still haven't found where that food elevator goes though." Go to open up the final door on this level
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    Prihani continues and opens the next door to find an undecorated bedroom that contains a pair of beds with straw-stuffed mattresses. At the foot of each bed is an empty footlocker. Tidy servants’ uniforms hang from hooks in the adjoining closet. A dumbwaiter in the corner of the south wall has a button on the wall next to it.

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    Darius makes his way swiftly and quietly up the stairs, feeling the air get colder as he goes beyond the 2nd floor and stops at the top of the stairs and joins Wil on the dusty balcony.
  • Prihani peeks into the elevator to see if it continues going upward from here

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