Strahd of Various



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    it does
  • Content with his findings, Prihani goes upstairs to join Wil and Darius
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    Mah Buhn struggles to get out of the dumbwaiter, but is unsuccessful. He stares at Oderus as the doors begin to close.

    Gazing into the future
    What vision do I see?
    Two unblinking eyes
    Fucking staring back at me

    Oderus sends him up to the top of the shaft at extreme velocity.
    PrihaniCentaurSockRhett Connor
  • Oderus begins to run upstairs and sees the painting with the disturbing swaddled child.

    Mommies, I've been stealing your babies I gag the brat and then maybe...
    I'll suck out his brain
    You know... Dead kids, they're making me feel almost hard
    Go get one from the school yard
    He bled like a stuck pig
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    As you all take in your surroundings at the top of the stairs, Darius moves quietly forward toward the door in the south wall. The others watch horror as the dusty suit of black armor comes to life and starts to move behind Darius.

    *Roll Initiative*
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    Initiative order:
    Animated Armor - 19
    Mittens - 18
    Darkus - 17
    Todd - 16
    J$ - 12
  • Darius watch out behind you! Get over here
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    The Animated Armor's joints creak and Prihani's yell is just enough to give Darius a chance to spot the blade coming for his neck. He dodges the first strike of the sword and as the animated armor brings the sword back for another swing it just barely catches Darius in the shoulder dealing 3dmg.
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    @PrihaniCentaur You're up
  • Prihani, outraged that the armor dare to take a swipe at his buddy charges at him and flails both of his shortswords at it's chest, but unfortunately misses after stumbling over the beautiful rug.
  • Don't give them a sword and then not let them use it
    Or sent them to war, and then make them lose it
    This is a bomb, don't want to defuse it
    Death is the answer, go forth and choose it
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    Darius lets loose a hasty eldritch blast at the hulking set of armor and it goes wide of its target.
  • Oderus flails mercilessly and aimlessly at the armor.

    If anything, I have gained nothing
    Except just for staying alive
    And I suppose that is something
    When you've tried as hard as me to die
  • Seeing his teammates fail, Wil knows that it is once again all on him. His long sword in hand, he swings valiantly at the armored fiend.

    But he is too slow and his attack is easily dodged.
  • Backing away slowly, Darius prepares to be hit again!
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    Darius, once again is able to dodge the first swing of the blade, but gets caught with the second swing taking 4hp of damage.
  • I ready a bolt of Eldritch fire to the faceless face!
  • Prihani, enraged by missing both times last attempt makes sure to hit his first stab into the armor's chest.
  • VladykinsVladykins RabbleRouser,
    Time for Mah Buhn to stop playing in the dumbwaiter and go help.
  • VladykinsVladykins RabbleRouser,
    Once I get there, I'll get behind one of the big guys and prep lightning lure.
  • Whirling and hacking I'm bathing my blade
    Mutated myrmidon of rage

    Oderus manages to strike the armor with his second lunge and thrust.
  • Wil, taking his chance, tears back with this long sword and swings it with all his might. This time much quicker.

    It strikes the armor hard in the shoulder and leaves a very large dent.

    “Why won’t this thing fall‽”
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    After several strikes, the sit if armor is visibly have a hard time keeping its form. It swings wildly at Wil missing with the first strike and as the second swing is delivered, Wil is able to deflect it with his shield.
  • Sensing that the suit of armor is on it's last legs, Prihani takes his chance to finish this fight. He rears back and stabs both of his shortswords into the helmet of the armor, successfully penetrating through the helmet and WHOOSH, it disintegrates into a pile of dust on the floor as soon as he withdraws his swords.
  • Prihani opens the door to the south.
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    As Mah Buhn looks around the dusty, cobweb-filled master bedroom has burgundy drapes covering the windows. Furnishings include a four-poster bed with embroidered curtains and tattered gossamer veils, a matching pair of empty wardrobes, a vanity with a wood-framed mirror, jewelry box, and a padded chair. A rotting tiger-skin rug lies on the floor in front of the fireplace, which has a dust-covered portrait of The father and mother hanging above it.
  • VladykinsVladykins RabbleRouser,
    check jewelry box for traps
  • SockSock RabbleRouser
    Mah Buhn doesn't see any traps on the jewelry box. It is made of silver with gold filigree As you look through it you find:

    Three gold rings and a thin platinum necklace with a topaz pendant

  • VladykinsVladykins RabbleRouser,
    w00t. Let's check the vanity for traps and then check it out for any goodies hidden inside, behind, etc.
  • SockSock RabbleRouser
    The vanity isn't trapped and Mah finds nothing but dust and cobwebs

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