Strahd of Various



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    yay cobwebs!
  • Wil looks at Mah disapprovingly for stealing from the family they are meant to help.

    “I wonder how you will look those crying children in the face.”
  • Wil then proceeds to open the doors on the left.
  • Wil looks at Mah disapprovingly for stealing from the family they are meant to help.

    “I wonder how you will look those crying children in the face.”

    Make a child cry
    Cry, child, cry
    Make a child die
    Die, child, die

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    Darius after a hectic few momentspulls himself together and goes through the door on the south side of the balcony. followed by Prihani. He finds himself in a well appointed bedroom containing a large bed, two end tables, and an empty wardrobe. Mounted on the wall next to the wardrobe is a full-length mirror with an ornate wooden frame carved to look like ivy and berries. Taking time to inspect very closely he notices eyeballs among the berries.

    Searching closely, you find a ring with a pearl in one of the side tables. As you go through all the space of the room and you come across the mirror once more, you find...a seam. There is a hidden door behind the mirror.
  • Check the door for traps
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    Darius finds no mechanism or visible trap on the door
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    Darius, content with the door not being trapped, opens it and peers inside. He finds a cobweb-filled wooden staircase leading up to an attic

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    Wil pushes through the door on the west side of the balcony. He finds a storage closet. Dusty shelves line the walls of this room. A few of the shelves have folded sheets, blankets, and old bars of soap on them. A broom leans against the far wall.
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    The party members on the third floor hear hurried footsteps coming up the stairs.
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    Barreling up the stairs is a fully naked, fully erect monk, satin curtain in hand. He summits the stairs and immediately jumps off the top, using the curtain as a parachute.
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    The curtain catches the air and he gracefully lands on the first floor (ground floor)
  • Oderus thrusts his cuddlefish into the northern most unopened door. The thrust is oddly gratifying.
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    Oderus humps the door open and finds the bathroom a wooden tub with clawed feet, a small iron stove with a kettle resting atop it, and a barrel under a spigot in the east wall.
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    Oderus stares intently at the wall on the north side of the small bathroom for a long while. He studies the wall intently and finds a part of the wall that looks weaker than the others. He rams the cuddlefish into it over and over and over. What is left is a hole, but inside the wall is pitch black.
  • The halls of our keep
    Rock with ruin and war
    The walls cry and crumble
    Broken, the sword
    The tombs and the tomes
    The world's honeycombed
    We must possess the under-earth
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    Oderus sniffs the hole and he smells dust
  • Smelling only dust and noticing no toilet, Oderus barks

    Cross-creviced chasms vast
    And endless plains of unshaven ass
    Our time in Hell draws to the last
    We call upon the Master of the Pit
    Have you got a toilet? I must take a shit!
    Open your gates, Lord of Hate
    Or your front porch is gonna get it!
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    Darius makes his way slowly and carefully up the hidden stairs he comes to a hallway choked with dust and cobwebs There are 4 doors off the hallway 2 on the north side and 2 on the south. The north door closest to the stairs is closed and locked with a large padlock.
  • Hearing some of the others going upstairs, Prihani follows behind. He struggles to get his hind parts through the stairwell, but after a bit of wriggling he makes it happen.
  • Wil walks to the storage closet and opens it.
  • Prihani, with Oderus on his back, busts through the door into the attic.
  • Noticing Darius is still weakened from his inability to fend off an empty suit of Armor, Oderus begins to serenade him back to health:

    I'll come to town for you
    Dress up like a clown for you
    Pull my pants on down for you
    Then I'll crawl away
    I will blow hot fart on you
    I will build an R2-D2
    I won't even start for you
    Unless you fucking pay
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    Oderus' words cause Darius' wounds to heal.
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    Oderus pushes past Darius into the southern door with Prihani behind him. This dust-choked room contains a slender bed, a nightstand, a small iron stove, a writing desk with a stool, an empty wardrobe, and a rocking chair. A smiling doll in a lacy yellow dress sits in the northern window box, cobwebs draping it like a wedding veil.

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    Oderus goes for it. Sniffing and licking all the items in the room.
  • Oderus walks over to the doll, collects the dust adorning her to a central point and snorts the dust away.

    And I said, "Baby, you're looking good"
    That's when I noticed her legs were wood
    I grabbed a stump
    And dragged her out the door
    I need a hole, I don't need no hips
    I laid a line of coke on her tits
    That's when I ripped off
    Her dirty shit-filled drawers
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    Oderus rips the doll apart and inside he finds a gold ring
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    Continuing his search, Oderus moves on to the next south facing room and he opens the door. The dusty chamber is packed with old furniture (chairs, coat racks, standing mirrors, dress mannequins, and the like), all draped in dusty white sheets.
  • Prihani opens the northeastern door carefully

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