Strahd of Various



  • SockSock RabbleRouser
    Prihani looks closer at the door and finds a large padlock on the northeastern door
  • Seeing nothing but furniture and not yet wanting to defile the mannequins, Oderus runs out of the room and through the North West door. Carefully.
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    Ever forward, Oderus opens the northwest door. This web-filled room contains a slender bed, a nightstand, a rocking chair, an empty wardrobe, and a small iron stove.
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    Oderus tosses the room and finds a lot of dust.
  • Hey, uh, anyone got any keys?

    How strong does this padlock seem to be?
  • OderusUrungusOderusUrungus BabyGroot
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    Oderus looks for a shaft like he found on the third floor
  • SockSock RabbleRouser
    Oderus goes floor to floor searching for a way into the space behind the hole he fucked into the wall. He doesn't see any point of access.
  • Dismayed, Oderus returns to the mannequins. He investigates the crotches for entrypoints.

    And if I was a sperm
    I'd consecrate my germ and then continue
    And if I was a worm
    I'd find a way that I could crawl up in you
  • SockSock RabbleRouser
    Oderus makes his way into the storage room pulling some of the sheets off of the mannequins. He notices, near an iron stove in the room peeking out of a sheet is what looks like a wooden trunk.
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    As Oderus defiles a mannequin he notices as the mannequin's eyes slowly open revealing black orbs and the mouth opens wide as if to scream.
  • Prihani opens up the door to the southeast, enters the room, and then charges at the door to the northeast in an attempt to bust through the door.
  • OderusUrungusOderusUrungus BabyGroot
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    Let's make it clear
    Just why we're here
    It's for something more important
    Than for drinking all your beer
    We're here to kill you
    And claim your souls
    And drape your stinking entrails round
    Our numerous war-poles
  • SockSock RabbleRouser
    Oderus flails wildly at the mannequin smashing it and cutting it to pieces. The face remains though does not move
  • SockSock RabbleRouser
    Prihani rams the door but can't seem to budge it.
  • Soon she is dead, but before we chuck her
    Come on over here kid, there's still time to fuck her!
    A festering hole where there used to be a crotch
    We feed her to bears, all that's left is her watch
  • Frustrated as hell, Prihani decides to join Oderus in his searching of the attic. Specifically looking for any places where a key to the padlock may be kept.
  • Hearing the ruckus, Wil sprints into the room valiantly. He notes a destroged maniquen and no danger.

    “Good god man! What’s going on?”
  • SockSock RabbleRouser
    From under a sheet where another mannequin is, you hear a faint "cuttlefish, cuttlefish, cuttlefish" as it slowly rises in volume "CUTTLEFISH CUTTLEFISH CUTTLEFISH"
  • Oderus' cuttlefish perks up...

    Well, I've been wearing a gilded lily
    Cunningly carved in a manner frilly
    To my design, it was created
    No deviation was tolerated
    My gilded lily, he thinks he's funny
    My gilded lily is worth cash money
    My gilded lily, he made me a smarty
    I wore my lily to all the right party, go
  • Wil braces himself and pulls the sheet from the mannequin.
  • SockSock RabbleRouser
    Will pulls the sheet from the noisy mannequin and finds sound coming from what appears to be a normal mannequin. You notice the face on the destroyed mannequin has disappeared.

    Oderus opens the trunk and finds skeletal remains partially wrapped in a sheet covered in what appears to be blood.
  • Our love has been so perfect since the day you passed away.
    Your heart is cold when it's in my hand.
    Is it wrong to love you, Mary Anne?
  • SockSock RabbleRouser
    Prihani, vexed by the locked door, decides to search through the drawers in the house for a key that might match. In the library he searches the desk. The desk has several items resting atop it: an oil lamp, a jar of ink, a quill pen, a tinderbox, and a letter kit containing a red wax candle, four blank sheets of parchment, and a wooden seal bearing a windmill. He opens the desk drawer and it is empty except for an iron key.
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    Oderus gets excited when he looks at the remains. He decides to cuddlefish another mannequin while he waits for others to decide what to do.
  • Overjoyed by his new found treasure, Prihani heads back up to the attic - telling any of the others he runs into along the way about his findings. Once in front of the locked door, he and Mah Buhn prepare for entry, expecting the worst.
  • PrihaniCentaurPrihaniCentaur BabyGroot
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    Mah Buhn and Prihani are joined by Oderus and Darius in the attic hall.

    Prihani turns the key and prays to the gods the key he found is the proper one!
  • SockSock RabbleRouser
    Prihani puts the key in the lock, turns it, and it works. The lock comes loose and he opens the door. This room contains a bricked-up window flanked by two dusty, wood-framed beds sized for children. Closer to the door is a toy chest with windmills painted on its sides and a dollhouse that’s a perfect replica of the dreary house in which you stand. These furnishings are draped in cobwebs. Lying in the middle of the floor are two small skeletons wearing tattered but familiar clothing. The smaller of the two cradles a stuffed doll that you also recognize.
  • VladykinsVladykins RabbleRouser,
    Don't let Oderus get the doll!
  • Wil, seeing the scene, stops in his tracks. No wonder they can’t find the monsters. They’re not in the house.

    Wil runs back down the stairs and out into the street looking for “the children.”
  • SockSock RabbleRouser
    Wil returns to the street looking for the two children. Unable to find any sign of them.

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