Brazilian Judge Bans Glyphosate


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    There are alternatives available in the US, but with planting season right around the corner in Brazil, might not be logistically possible to get Liberty Link soybean seed to Brazil and I don't know if the quantities are available to replace Brazil's typical volume of Roundup Ready seed. Dicamba is also available in the US but if a Brazilian judge has issues with glyphosate, Dicamba won't be an option.

    I'm curious to find out more about this judge. CIA operative? Trump minion? A "substitute" judge, in a single ruling who is able to devastate Brazilian agriculture, it doesn't smell right.
  • CowpokerCowpoker BabyGroot

    With the current global trading conditions, Brazil should be poised to take full advantage of any Asian tariffs. It should have been perfect timing to help their struggling economy but instead of taking advantage of the unique opportunity, they are doing what they can to screw it up.
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    In glyphosate related news


    No link to the cancer this guy has but he wins a settlement anyway. God bless America
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