Obama lying, Trump lying

CowpokerCowpoker BabyGroot
Can we start a bi-partisan thread where we collectively call bullshit on our current and former POTUS's.


Before I even search, I suspect that I can count higher than that in Trump false statements in just the last couple of months.


  • https://www.politifact.com/personalities/donald-trump/statements/byruling/false/

    Without looking at every single example, Trump has 11 pages, Obama has 4. Thanks to glb for enlightening me to the accepted methodology, Trumps 11 pages of bullshit, completely wipe out Obamas 4 pages of bullshit and the net is that Obama never lied and Trump's net is 7 pages of lies.

    No wonder I voted 80% Democrat this year
  • Sorry Trump supporters, the only way that Trump can salvage this situation is if our next elected POTUS can outlie him. If 2 years in to the future presidents term, if he can only scrape out 12 pages of lies, Trump will be vindicated.
  • CatullusCatullus RabbleRouser
    who is this thread aimed at
    I agree with Cat 100%.
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