Steele Dossier

BigMex73BigMex73 BabyGroot–Russia_dossier

Trumpers are all up in arms about how Hillary and the DNC paid for it. Ok. How much of the information in it has been verified and how much has been proven false? How much is a claim but no verification or falsification. How much of it is about adoption?

I did a quick google and didnt find the comparisons. I'm not going to read the document. Anyone have the Cliffs notes version?


  • number51number51 BabyGroot
    I can verify 0.0001% of the dossier. Putin wanted Trump to win the American Presidential election, because he said so.
  • Yeah, that's how whataboutism works.
  • BigMex73BigMex73 BabyGroot
    From what I can google, it seems like the claims have mostly been verified, not any false, some still unknown. Pee Pee tape inbound 2019.
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