Opportunity Zones

Something the swamp rats from either side of the aisle have neglected for the most part. I get so tired with the recycled rhetoric from the self-aggrandizing, special interest serving career politicians who have little interest in actually helping the American people.

This should be an interesting situation and I'll be curious to see how it plays out:


  • BigMex73BigMex73 BabyGroot
    Sooo .. Would you say that this is the government picking winners and losers as well as redistributing tax dollars and impacting the free market?
  • BigMex73BigMex73 BabyGroot
    Newt Gingrich changed the game with campaign money. Citizens United ruling made it legal. Until corporate money is out of politics every single person in Washington will be a corporate shill.

  • panchukerpanchuker BabyGroot
    How does your "swamp rat" detector feel about some of those distressed zones of opportunity including areas where the Trump family owns land?
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