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Vladykins wrote:
I have a long take somewhere on guns and it comes down to setting up a licensing and registration system. Licensing system would involve recurrent training for base rifle/handgun, with endorsements or other things based upon additional training, background/mental checks, etc. Endorsements include silencers, high capacity mags, CCW, large caliber, full auto, grenade launchers, etc. etc. Essentially you prove you aren't a crackpot and are willing to go through the training and background to do it, you can own just about anything.

All guns would be registered and unregistered weapons would be a federal felony. Any crime committed with a weapon registered to you that you have not previously reported stolen would make you an accessory to that crime. Your kid shoots someone else's kid? You're going to jail. Your gun get stolen and you don't realize it and it's used to murder a cop? Your going to jail- you didn't have the weapon under control. Your kid shoots up a school? Enjoy prison.

I'm a gun owner. The problem is too many people view them as toys and never learned a true respect for them. I would have been beaten by the guy who taught me to shoot if I'd ever handled a weapon like I've seen people do it at the range. These are killing machines and always need to be treated as such, so if you are hanging an AR off your back in the grocery store you are not a patriot you are a fucking moron without the maturity to handle a weapon.
I agree with Cat 100%.
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