Mark Dayton is still screwing me long after leaving the office

CowpokerCowpoker BabyGroot
I got an "unofficial non-compliance" letter from the county concerning the MN state buffer strip law.

I'll give the county some credit here, the letter states that it is NOT a notice of noncompliance "because it is not a cost efficient use of tax dollars, nor practical for staff to personally inspect every foot of public ditch"

It requests that I contact the county office or I will get the actual noncompliance letter.

I called the office, of course the Director of the county environmental office was out of the office today but informed one of his minions that the tract of property in question was actually seeded twice in 2018 but with the historic flooding, both attempts failed to establish the buffer strip and that 2019 has started with the same weather as the tract in question has been completely submerged by river flooding twice.

I'm confident that I will be cool at the county level and the county officials will accept the current conditions as unavoidable especially since I have a plan in place to establish permanent grass for grazing in what had been crop production land.

However, a large percent of the property is showing the results of the flooding of 2018 and 2019 and the layer of black silt that covers much of the pasture could be interpreted by MPCA or the EPA as not enough vegetative cover to qualify as a grazing operation and could be classified as "feedlot" until conditions allow me to over seed and establish grass in the flood destroyed areas.


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