***Official 2019 FFA Dynasty League Thread***

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2019 folks.

Figure out how to login again -- https://www.fleaflicker.com/nfl/leagues/187791

12 keepers. No whining.


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    2019 SLOWDRAFT

    For the 2019 season, every team can pick up to 12 keepers from their roster of 18 players. Assuming that every team uses all 12 of their keeper picks, the draft would only be 6 rounds long. The hope is to make it even shorter by holding a preliminary slowdraft.

    As we discussed last season, there is some unfairness and a lot of inefficiency to doing a slowdraft one pick at a time. So instead, we will be drafting the first two rounds all at once, based on prerankings each team can submit. Note that if you're last in the draft order, you would only need to submit 13 ranked choices since your second pick would be 13th overall. If a team doesn't submit their prerankings (or enough choices), I will just use the official Fleaflicker rankings to make their pick.

    The last games of the preseason end on Thursday, August 29th. The first game of the regular season is a week later, on Thursday, September 5th. Ideally, the deadline for the slowdraft would be after the preseason with enough time to process the results before holding a standard draft for the final 4 rounds. Note that you can also prerank for the standard draft and your final 4 picks shouldn't be overly crucial.


    You can submit your prerankings to me in any fashion you choose, but they are not official until I've explicitly told you so. Unfortunately, experience has proved that I have to be stern about this sort of thing and so if you choose to be a dink and submit them in an annoying fashion, I will either ask you to resubmit or ignore you entirely (depending on how annoying you've chosen to be). I will not be repeating this rule and being a whiny problem about it is an easy way for you to get your prerankings junked entirely. For this reason, I strongly suggest you simply send me a list of correctly-spelled names via Discord well before the deadline and be sure to get confirmation for any updates.


    That time is negotiable, but the day is not. I will leave it to the league to present a clear decision about whether some other time would be better, though I expect you will run into the same problem we always do -- Wales is 8 hours ahead of the West Coast, so there are no good times that work for both that would also work for the East Coast. This is the central problem that inspired this league in the first place, with the aim of eliminating the draft altogether with a dynasty setup. Yes, there will still be some drafting even for next season (when you can keep your entire roster), but it should be minimal and easily handled with a routine slowdraft.

    One final note, since I have to say it: when I use certain words like "clear" and "annoying", those are in my determination alone. I don't care if someone thinks they're not being annoying, that's not their call to make. If someone is being such a problem that it demands my time or hurts the league, there will be consequences. Trust me, I hate it far more than you that this is the reality we have to have. That said, good luck and may the best team win!

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    Official request for the 2nd portion of the draft (the live portion) to either be slow draft or pushed up 2 hours (5pm EST) or back 2 hours (9pm EST).
  • MittensMittens RabbleRouser,
    what's the deadline to select keepers? rankings will be highly dependent on who is available
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     1 Tier (916)
     2 Terps (770)
     3 Kiolb (741)
     4 Butternuts (506)
     5 Darren (448)
     6 Sock (412)
     7 Farlig (303)
     8 FM (285)
     9 Manny (747)
    10 Darkus (437)
    11 Jwill (406)
    12 Mittens
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    Everyone has set their keepers, so I'm giving one more day to make any last minute changes. At 8pm EST tomorrow (Tuesday, August 27th), I will freeze the rosters and drop all non-keepers into the draft. At that point, you will know exactly who will be available in the slowdraft.
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