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random notes starting from cragmaw hideout


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    this was the last thing?

    "The remainder of the walk is completely uneventful, until after about four or five miles when you come to a shallow stream with a hillside up ahead, and Gnek speaks up that this is the entrance to the Cragmaw hideout.

    From the west bank of the stream you can see it flowing out from a large cave in the side of the hill, which is overgrown by thickets, but you see a narrow path on the opposite side of the stream leading into the cave. The remainder of the opposite bank is all covered in thickets and dense brush, with just the trail you are on and the path leading into the cave on the opposite side being cleared away. "
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    kormac interrogated gnek a little
    but the dmpc kept acting tough
    cross the stream, run into three snots

    jacques misses and hits himself
    kormac tackles g2
    shay misses
    g1 hits kormac
    g2 can't break free
    slameesh casts sleep
    they all fall asleep
    kormac loots
    LOOT = rusty scimitars and poorly put together bows
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    hold up.

    kormac is holding gnek and another goblin
    and the other two goblins are just sleeping
    then gagged and tied up
    so where are they now
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    oh wait "Methiken takes care of the remaining two sleeping goblins and slits their throats, standing over their dead bodies in the middle of the grass all by himself now. "

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    into the cave
    up the steps
    snarl sounds
    some wolves

    oh yeah, kormac threw the non-gnek goblin at the wolves
    didn't work

    toaster hits a snot
    jacques quits
    they try to hit toaster but miss
    kormac hits two wolves
    shay finishes one off
    rock hits a wolf
    slameesh finishes a wolf
    methiken misses
    toaster misses
    kormac tackles the worg
    shay hits a wolf
    rock kills a wolf
    wolf hits shay
    slameesh misses
    worg can't break free
    methiken hits a wolf
    toaster hits a wolf
    kormac bodyslams worg
    shay kills wolf
    rock hits wolf
    slameesh misses
    worg still pinned
    methiken almost kills worg
    toaster finishes worg

    battle over

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    big climb up the rocks
    takes forever
    did kormac get his rope back

    some sort of fight
    is this in a fkn group pm
    one sec
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    one is here
    another is here

    Goblin 1 rushes in and slashes at Kormac with his scimitar, but isn't able to land it cleanly. Methiken sees another goblin, (g2) come out of the shadows, and all three of you watch him slash similarly at Toaster, but he also misses.

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    A group of arrows all come flying towards you all next to the fissure. None of them land true and end up clanging off the walls and floor of the cave.

    Almost everyone is in here, so then we can scrap it
    Rock comes in and crushes Goblin 2 with his axes, killing that sorry sap.
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    okay so some light skirmishing and then we were all through the fissure

    oh yeah, kormac was carrying the dead worg
    tried to grapple a goblin but failed
    toaster kills a goblin
    methiken gets rocked
    rock hits a goblin
    kormac stabilizes methiken

    lol i crack myself up: Kormac sails around the stalagmite he had ducked behind and zeroes in Methiken, whipping out his Healer's kit as he approaches. Unceremoniously ripping out the two protruding arrows and inelegantly stuffing several dozen yards of gauze into the writhing wizard's chest wounds, Kormac nevertheless succeeds in staunching the bloodflow. The fragile little wimpy spellcasterman will survive, though things like breathing will be a bit of a chore until he sees a real healthcare professional.

    goblin misses shay
    slameesh does sleep again
    shay hits bugbear
    rock misses bugbear
    kormac hits bugbear
    three goblins attack, one hits rock
    slameesh stabilizes the stable methiken again for good measure
    toaster misses bugbear
    shay hits bugbear in the dick
    bugbear misses shay
    rock slips and falls
    kormac tackles bugbear to the ground, killing it
    three goblins attack again, dropping shay
    methiken narrates (somehow) slameesh stabilizing shay
    toaster kills a goblin
    rock kills a sleeping goblin
    kormac uses one goblin to kill another
    three goblins are now two, they attack again, hit slameesh and rock
    jacques out of nowhere, hits goblin boss twice

    wait, jacques is back? <<note to self

    toaster kills goblin boss, the three is now one
    slameesh misses
    shay is healed?
    goblin under kormac misses
    rock misses
    kormac somehow misses the goblin he's pinning
    jacques hits a goblin... killing it?
    kormac claims the last goblin
    slameesh does a minor illusion to protect kormac's claim
    toaster breakdances
    rock ignores kormac's claim and knocks the goblin unconscious
    kormac brohugs rock, intentionally knocking him unconscious too
    kormac stabilizes rock
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    okay here's the part with the blue lion crates

    methiken searches
    finds a chest

    LOOT = 1050cp, 200 sp, (3) potions of healing, and a jade statuette of a frog with tiny golden orbs for eyes.
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    we heal and toaster does some scouting
    waterfall and pools

    wait, this makes no sense Also, the goblin that Kormac had been carrying around since back on the trail came back to consciousness but due to his plethora of wounds he was hardly able to even get a word out.

    that goblin was thrown to the wolves
    it revived and we killed it

    the goblin kormac was carrying at that point was the one he pinned and rock knocked unconscious
    happy to have him die tho
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    kormac wakes gnek to interrogate him
    gnek says we killed klarg
    gnek is being a shitty asshole
    not at all being the captured goblin scared for his life
    unhelpful, so kormac teaches him several lessons until the gods kill him

    okay jacques went outside the cave again:
    Jacques decides he will wait outside the cave and keep watch until further notice. He passes Rock, scrambles down the rubble pile, and is out of sight in no time.
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    toaster does a bunch of scouting
    says there's a dude on a bridge

    goblin dude gets fucking rocked
    crossbow from slameesh
    fireball from methiken
    javelin from rock

    kormac looks at the booblakes for like a half-second and suddenly everyone is like 50 miles ahead even though they were sneakily crawling

    and now they're in combat wtf
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    buncha fighting
    six goblins?
    i'm not going to sort all this
    all i remember was doing the dash action repeatedly so that i could catch up
    p sure there's a group dm somewhere i missed

    okay kormac has joined
    immediately kills a goblin
    methiken is down again lol
    kormac charges yeemik who suddenly wants a truce
    wtf why would we randomly stop fighting for zero
    yeemik makes no sense
    yeemik shoves sildar off the cliff
    fires at kormac
    shay heals sildar... and methiken?
    kormac tackles yeemik, killing him

    combat over, everyone heals
    now it's sildar time
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    okay, tons of lore i've missed from sildar:

    -- These goblins have been holding me hostage for a couple of days now, and they have not been treating me very well during that time.

    -- We were ambushed on the trail. It was just the two of us, so they were able to overpower us quite easily.
    I heard the goblins talking about how the Black Spider sent word that Gundren was to be brought to him. I don't know who or what the Black Spider is, but the goblins separated us and ended up taking Gundren away.
    I can give you a bit of information on Gundren and what he was up to if you think that would be helpful to put all the pieces together.

    -- I don't know how many little shits there are, but I know that Gundren and his two brothers, Tharden and Nundro, had recently located an entrance to the long-lost Wave Echo Cave, site of the minds of Phandelver's Pact.
    A bit of background on this pact for any of you who may not know, but more than five hundred years ago, clans of dwarves and gnomes made an agreement known as the Phandelver's Pact, by which they would share a rich mine in a wondrous cavern known as Wave Echo Cave. In addition to its mineral wealth, the mine contained great magical power. Human spellcasters allied themselves with the dwarves and gnomes to channel and bind that energy into a great forge called the Forge of Spells, where magic items could be crafted. Times were good, and the nearby town of Phandalin prospered as well.
    Gundren had a map showing the secret location of Wave Echo Cave with him when we were captured.
    I heard that Klarg, the bugbear leader of this goblin band, had received orders to waylay Gundren. I heard them talking about how the Black Spider sent word that the dwarf was to be brought to him.
    I believe that Klarg sent Gundren and his map to the chief of the Cragmaws at the Cragmaw Castle. I don't know where that is exactly, but I'm sure someone in Phandalin does. My only contact in Phandalin is Iarno Albrek, a human wizard, who is a fellow member of the Lords' Alliance. He went to Phandalin a couple of months ago to try and restore some order there, but we haven't heard any word from him since he left.
    I will pay you 60 gold pieces if you can assist in escorting me to Phandalin. This last travel with Gundren did not go so well, but I believe with more of us this time we should have no issues. We should make sure this entire cave is clear before we leave, however.

    holy shitwall

    LOOT = the only worthwhile loot that they find is on Yeemik's person and totals three gold teeth and 18 sp.

    re: forge of spells = Yes, Gundren was the one who knew much more about it than I, but that is the bit of history of the place that I do know.

    sildar asks about klarg
    told klarg is dead
    sildar hasn't replied yet
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    okay let's recap that textwall from sildar:

    -- gundren has two brothers: tharden and nundro

    -- they found an entrance to "the long-lost Wave Echo Cave, site of the minds of Phandelver's Pact" wtf does that mean

    -- oh, maybe a typo? mines instead of minds? ask mittens

    -- pact was made 500+ years ago between clans of dwarves/gnomes to share the mine in wave echo cave (weird name)

    -- mine has magical power, channeled into the forge of spells where magic items could be crafted (HELLO)

    -- gundren had a map to the secret location when captured. klarg had orders to waylay him.

    -- black spider sent orders to bring gundren to him, klarg sent map and gundren to cragmaw chief at the castle. wait, is chief the same as king grol? and who is black spider?

    -- sildar only knows iarno albrek in phandalin (lord's alliance). offers 60gp to be escorted to phandalin

    -- sildar doesn't know who the black spider is

    -- sildar and gundren ambushed, separated, sildar held hostage for a few days
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    new = tharden, nundro, iarno albrek
    old = gnek talked about blackspider, p sure king grol is chief

    wave echo cave
    forge of spells

    1) is the cragmaw chief the same as king grol?
    2) why was sildar with grundren anyways
    3) where are the brothers? did we know about them?
    4) what happened to the cave and why was it a secret? or is it still open? if so, who cares about the map?
    5) is the blackspider at the castle or did klarg disobey an order? or is the blackspider part of the cragmaw tribe at all?
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    Gundren was clearly excited when he spoke to each of you, but quite secretive about his reasons for the trip, saying only that he and his brothers had found "something big,"

    okay so we knew about the brothers, just not their names
    guessing they're waiting in phandalin?
    probably stayed there while grundren went to neverwinter for supplies

    but then whytf was he carrying the map instead of keeping it safe with his brothers?
    or is phandalin that dangerous?
    or is gundren the brother-in-charge and didn't trust them?
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    from gnek:
    King Grol is the chief of the Cragmaw tribe, he lives in the Cragmaw Castle which is northeast of here about twenty miles in the Neverwinter Wood. King Grol sent a messenger a few days ago saying that the Black Spider was paying the Cragmaws to capture Gundren. We followed our orders and sent the dwarf and his map, which was really all that he had, off to the castle, while keeping his human companion in part of the hideout we call the eating cave.

    so yeah, king grol is the chief

    and blackspider isn't a cragmaw, but was paying the cragmaws

    so klarg was doing his duty and king grol is about to sell gundren

    also from gnek
    I don't know much about the Black Spider, but maybe Klarg does? King Grol sent a messenger that the Black Spider would pay for us to capture the dwarf and send him to the castle. That is all that I know, I swear.
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    2) why was sildar with grundren anyways
    4) what happened to the cave and why was it a secret? or is it still open? if so, who cares about the map?
    6) how far away is cragmaw castle? if gundren was sent there a couple days ago, is there a chance we could still catch up? or is it hopeless?
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    kormac has:
    (3) rusty scimitars and poorly put together bows
    (3) gold teeth

    methiken has:
    (3) potions of healing
    jade statuette of a frog with tiny golden orbs for eyes
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