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Trying to better understand what is going on here with the urge to be tested, not enough tests etc...

I understand the desire to want to know if you have it or not and how in a perfect world, every person would be tested in the hopes that you could do a better job of containment or isolation but aren't we sort of beyond that threshold already?

As it currently stands, there are sort of hot zones on the west coast, NYC and to lessening degrees other states. If you are a resident currently in Washington for example, why the f*ck would you go to a primary care Dr, then go to a state Dr, then to the ER and back to primary Dr if you are not sick? You either have it or don't and there is no real treatment or preventative other than AVOIDING places where there are likely to be people that have it like 5 different Doctor offices. I get that if you are positive, you are sort of on the honor system of self quarantine and maybe cancel travel plans but nobody really knows how long you should be on that honor system. You test positive and I guess can attempt to contact the hundreds or more people you have come in contact with the past few days, possibly weeks and you maybe never get sick or are sick for a few days. Do you stay home from work for 2 weeks mandatory, maybe 3 or 4 or maybe its all for nothing and you can spread it long after the 2 weeks when you yourself have been feeling great for a week or more.

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