Dem dirtbags

King of BlingKing of Bling BabyGroot
I am so sick of the Chuck and Nancy horror hour:

“What a deal for Democrats: They get to hold the economy for ransom, and the media blithely cover for them,” the New York Post editorial board writes.

“On Thursday, Senate Democrats nixed a simple but urgent request to boost cash in the emergency small business loan program Congress set up this month from $350 billion to $600 billion.”

“Everything is an opportunity,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, previewing Democrats’ plan to use the small business money as leverage for other items on their agenda

EDIT: These left-leaning outlets don’t even care that their covering for Dems is so blatant. The Times took heat just this month for changing a headline, “Democrats Block Action” on the $2.2 trillion rescue plan, to “Partisan Divide Threatens Deal.” Yet that didn’t stop Thursday’s changeroo.

No wonder Dems are so willing to resort to blackmail: They can count on their puppets in the press never to report it that way.
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