Does anyone remember the election's comming?

Theo WizzagoTheo Wizzago BabyGroot
It's been well over a week now and I haven't heard anything at all about the upcomming elections. So here's some thoughts and rundowns;

#1, At this time I think the Bernie train is not only derailed, but buried in the sands of the desert... tracks and all. By the time this thing re-starts, Biden will have beyond an insurmountable lead. And if this pandemic ain't dead or dying by then, I cannot even imagine Bernie winning another state... much less gaining any delegates on Biden.

#2, You can hear the fear in Trump's voice now-a-days. He KNOWS the longer this pandemic lingers, the worse the economy will be and the more people will remember he 'pooh-poohed' the whole 'Corona Virus' thing for months until it kicked him square in the balls. Then he saw the light and is trying hard to close the barn doors... LONG after all the horses have escaped. You don't think that won't cost him?

#3, And what happens if this thing is still going strong enough in November? How on earth to we still continue good 'social distancing' and all turn out to vote??? Is anything being done at all to see about a nearly total 'absentee voting' election? All seems quiet on the front.

#4, Also seemingly gone silent lately is the 'Census' push. Just before we all hunkered down into our holes it was >THE< thing all over the place. Daily TV adds... mailed fliers to remind you... posters on walls at the places of business... and locally calls for 'Census Takers'. That has gone dead silent lately. Kinda important, ya know?

So... It's likely Trump vs Biden. And now, Trump's attempt to use the seat of the office of President to try and force someone to create as much negative press on Biden and his family... that will come back in the election, be sure. COVID-19 will still likely be hot and fresh in everyone's mind... and will be an election topic as well. Russia should be stockpiling it's attacks/interference attempts on Biden... they sure as hell don't want to lose their 'patsy'. Besides... it's fun to cause chaos in the house of your enemy. TBH, if I were you, I wouldn't stand in front of any fans in the future. I smell something brewing and it ain't stew or beer.
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