Wel well... finally some Republicans with some common sense about Donny Chump.

Theo WizzagoTheo Wizzago BabyGroot
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Can't wait for all the uninformed so-called 'conservatives' to jump all over my ass for this post and call me a liberal. Yeah. The 'liberal' who voted for Reagan, McCain, Bush Sr, and Bush Jr. (Also was dumb enough to vote for Chump but only because I knew exactly who Ms. Clinton was and did NOT want her in power... a fact some simple minded nutcases cannot let go of.) I also voted for ol' Bill and Jimmy Carter (hey... after Nixon, who wouldn't?) and Obama for his 2nd term. So screw both sides of you nutheads who can't wrap your heads around what it means to be an independent voter. Here's some Republicans the get it;


That's right... Republicans. One of which is the husband of Kelly Ann Conway, Chump's 'trusted', hand picked, fall girl. (Oh... she'll fall eventually. All of Chump's people are nothing but future cannon fodder for when he needs someone to blame for his failings.) Hope for America yet.
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