Has Darkus moved to discord?

jake13jake13 BabyGroot
One of the Easy things on GLB is grabbing a Jersey Number, when one gets a team And on a minute later to put a friggin 75x75 avatar for the players pix.
(Maybe the league can have a Avatar section on here for Agents?)
If any agents cant do that ,your safe to say they would be doing the same for your teams nothing but going through the motions (Raider Syndrome)

I Raise My Glass in Salute to all players with Numbers for there teams And a 2nd Toast to those who have avatars!! Kudos!!
Show your teams some respect and apply these 2 things, makes the game so much better!

Bring up Players profile click the #0 next to his name,Then pick one of the available numbers(don't cry its just a number) and then click the update button and Tada you have a Jersey number for your player!!!

Just so you all know I was bummed when my player could not have number 666 J/K lol


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