i like alexandria ocasio-cortez

VuijoxVuijox BabyGroot

she slices sweet potatoes and isn't afraid of anything.

stop having so many kids.


  • toddterps62toddterps62 RabbleRouser,
    I thought she was going to cut off a finger. It's cringe-worthy.

    Look what you fuckers made me do
  • CowpokerCowpoker BabyGroot
    I've always strongly disliked Feinstein but will admit that the way she handled those tree hugging kids made her more enduring to me.

    She's not wrong, more people=more green house gases so maybe to make the United States greener and more earth friendly, we need to stop letting people in?
  • panchukerpanchuker BabyGroot
    Not sure how this is worthy of a thread?

    If you're worried about the future, you probably should think twice about having kids. Not sure how that's newsworthy.
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